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Children and Youth

Bethel Church gives high priority to Children’s and Youth Ministry. A big chunk of our
budgeted is allocated to this Ministry. We have about 50 children from the age of Zero to 15 years old and few Youth above the age of 15. At this time we have six Sunday School teachers.
Children Ministry is in charge of teaching all the children the word of God and making them grow spiritually. On Sundays all the children have Sunday School and Worship time. We divide them into smaller groups according to their age. We have five groups of Children’s Ministry as follows:

Group 1: Zero to four years old. Mostly the mothers takes care of this group
Group 2 : Four to Five years old
Group 3: Six to Seven years old
Group 4: Eight to 13 years old
Group 5: Youth Ministry , 14 years and above up to 19 years old

Future Plans:

Bethel church as big plans to expand Children’s and Youth Ministry. We have a plan to create many rooms inside the new church so that each group has their own Sunday School classes. We have a plan to increase Sunday School teachers and give training to the new and existing teachers.

We have a plan to expand Youth Ministry and create a new prayer and worship time on