6740 – 121 Avenue, Edmonton, AB, T5B 0Y6

Finance Department:


This Department is in charge of properly handling and documenting church income and expenses. The finance department also implements the budget plan as per the instructions given by Elders of the church. At the end of the fiscal year, the treasurer of church reports all the financial activities of the church to members of the church at the annual meeting. Moreover, once a year the department conducts internal auditing. As per the requirement of the Canadian Revenue Agency (CRA), this department files annual financial statements to CRA.




This ministry works closely with pastor of the church. To arrange spiritual needs and also encouraging church members and motivated them to be active in their spiritual life.




This ministry also works with pastor to coordinate the Gospel Teaching topics. Revival is Renewal, restoration a fresh inflow of the life, love, and power of God. Psalm 62:11. It comes from God; it is not worked up but sent down, and therefore our eyes must not be upon men, methods, churches or denomination but upon him. Encourage all church members how to filled with holy spirit and walk in the fullness and power of the holy spirit by faith as a way of life.


Community and Governmental Services:


The tasks and responsibilities of this ministry is to provide general information about relevant services to the newcomers of the church about Canada in multitude and assisting them in accessing different services easily as well as helping them settle in a new country comfortably.

This ministry also supports the newcomer members in translation and interpretation in order to access different services around the city and find jobs. The ministry also works cooperatively with other ministries within the church especially with the sponsorship ministry and construction and transportation ministry in supporting the newcomer families with all their needs. In general the community and government ministry is responsible for accommodating newcomer members of the church.


Building, Property, and Transportation:


This ministry manages and oversees church maintenance and repairs, Properties, and transportation. Transportation provides the conveyance of members and guests to worship and special events. They ensure proper transportation procedure are administered to provide safe transportation to and from church and church related activities.




The main purpose of this ministry is to help sponsor the Eritrean refugees around the world who are migrating out of the country. This ministry is affiliated with different governmental and private organizations that can sponsor refugees from Africa and other parts of the world. Then it distributes the quotas among the members of the church by conducting a fair draw. Besides this ministry helps sponsor believers in Africa who do not have any support or family members in Canada.


Bethel Charity Foundation:


Bethel foundation is Part of Bethel church activity work focused in helping people with in the church and out side of the church. The main core missions are helping Eritrean refugee in different part of the world, helping gospel workers for the work of the kingdom of God morally and financially, and working with similar foundation and organization in fund raising and financing for related purpose.


Media and Literature:


This ministry has different kinds of services such as recording videos and taking photos during church services and special events. Distributing spiritual literature and videos or audios for public appearances, such as books, magazines, newspapers, CD, and DVD’s . Also updating website pages or menus.